Conversations to make you feel brilliant. 

What are we chatting about?

Each month we are sitting down with industry leaders, creative professionals, and all-around brilliant individuals, to talk about what it takes to Be Brilliant. Our chats will delve into the world of sales, marketing, the creative industry and the importance of sustainability. Whether our chats be at home or in the office, you can find them right here. We want to create brilliant conversations with brilliant people, to leave you feeling, yes you guessed it, brilliant! Our chats will be inspiring, motivating, and full of helpful hints and tips. Sit back, watch, or just listen.

You can listen to our podcast version on Anchor or Spotify. 


In this video, Dave Stones and Jon Covey chat all things sales and marketing.

Jon Covey is an award-winning sales/trainer and serial entrepreneur based in Sheffield.

Jon tells Dave how he became an entrepreneur and discusses what he believes it takes to thrive as a sales person, even in today's uncertain times.


In this video, Dave Stones asks CK Goldiing how he got into the film making industry and what inspires him. 

CK Goldiing is a double award-winning creator, presenter, writer, filmmaker & podcaster based in Sheffield.

The conversation covers some of CK's brilliantly brave personal projects, his passion for people and how he uses his skill set to help artists and businesses get their brand and products noticed. 


In this video, Dave Stones chats with Kelvin Bell, Sales Director at Vpress. Kelvin talks about his time in the Royal Air Force and how it prepared him for his role today.
Their conversation delves into the world of print, exploring what is web2print actually is, and it's much more exciting than it sounds.
The chat covers how incredibly beneficial it can be for marketing teams and brand managers and just how easy it can make the ordering process.
So is web2print the future of print ordering? Take a listen and you'll find out.